tropical Juice bar

good everytime.


Meet some of our most popular and delicious dishes and juices!

Above you can find mofongos, quesadillas, patacones, wraps, salads, green juices, red juices, yaroas! Wow so many options but alllll so good!


our Kitchens

Food should be made good and to us good means much more than taste, although we do think our food is pretty tasty. We mean food should be made good, good that you can trust! 

This is why we try to build all our restaurants with kitchens visible to all our guest. Chicken grilling, wraps being rolled, salad being cut are just some sights you might see walking into our restaurants.




It all started when…

3 brothers had a dream. they wanted more for themselves and more for the community. working in a high end restaurant as dishwashers in their early teens, they soon moved up to bus boys, and ultimately waiters.

all throughout the meantime they followed one another to college and all graduated from the same college, they were a few years apart so as any brothers they fought, laughed,  and cried, but most importantly they remained together.

they began with a tiny little shop that was a neighborhood barbershop in rough section of town, down the block from where they grew up. they transformed it into a juice bar, a juice bar cooking chicken sandwiches with tiny George Forman Grills and making smoothies with borrowed blenders.. all done with their bare hands and help from family and friends to clean, paint and everything in between.

today they work side by side with almost 100 team members and 5 tropical juice bar locations all with full kitchens. if you don't believe in miracles well they don't either, but they do believe in hard work.

a special thank you to victor from your sons!