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At Tropical Juice Bar we believe that food should be fresh and delicious, this is why we source our ingredients locally whenever possible and focus on getting the freshest and tastiest ingredients. 

We believe in having restaurants with an open kitchen where our ingredients and our team is visible to all our guest.  Tropical Juice Bar guests can see the food being cooked, and smoothies being made as they are placing their order. 

We are committed to your experience in our restaurants; our promise is love it or change it!

It All Started When...

3 brothers had a dream to own a special restaurant that would change people's lives.  They wanted more for themselves and more for their community. They all worked in a fine dining restaurant early in their career as dishwashers, busboys, and ultimately servers.

They followed one another to college and all graduated from the same William Paterson University.  They were a few years apart so as in every family the brothers had their disagreements, but most importantly they remained very close.

In 2010 Carlos M. the older brother share his plan work on the dream to open their own business.  With all their savings and then some, they began with a tiny little shop that was a neighborhood barbershop in a place in town they knew well down the block from where they grew up as teenagers.  With hard work and help from some family members, they transformed the old barbershop into the first Tropical Juice Bar, where they cooked chicken sandwiches with a couple a tiny George Foreman Grills and making smoothies with borrowed blenders from family and friends as real blendistas. All of this was done with the help of family and friends from installing the floor, building the kitchen and everything in between.

Today Tropical Juice Bar is a well-known restaurant, that provide jobs to close to 100 team members at five Tropical Juice Bar locations all with full kitchens.  The brothers remain more committed than ever in growing and expanding the brand so that Tropical Juice Bar can continue to be involved in the community.  If you don't believe in miracles good, they don't either, but they do believe hard work pays off.